The Need

Wichita is growing. Affordable quality childcare is a necessity.

Center City Academy’s objective is to establish and fund a secure, centrally located, state-of-the-art facility for children from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds to have the opportunity to develop a healthy mind, body, spirit and character while receiving accredited child care on a sliding fee scale.

The average cost of daycare at an accredited center ranges from $9,000-13,000 per child per year, creating a financial strain on middle class earners. 

Tuition for Center Center Academy will be determined on a sliding fee scale based on household income and the number of children attending from the same family. The new facility will support the latest in advanced technology systems and teaching methods to achieve the highest level of security and early childhood developmental practices through social, emotional and academic pedagogical approaches. 

new residential units have been built since 2010, with a market capacity for an additional 2,000+ potential units
individuals residing in the downtown area, with 68% of those between the ages of 20-50
companies report a range of 100-850 employees in the downtown area, totaling 4,000 employees
open enrollment childcare facilities within the core downtown area with the capacity to serve only 231 children