The Need

"Genes provide a blueprint for the brain,
but a child’s environment and experiences carry out the construction."
new residential units built since 2010 with a market capacity for an additional 2,000+ potential units.
individuals residing in the downtown area with 68% of those between the ages of 20 and 50.
companies that report a range of 100-850 employees in this area totaling approximately 4,000 employees alone.​
open enrollment childcare facilities within the core downtown area with the capacity to serve only 231 children.​

Wichita is growing, and affordable
quality childcare is a necessity.

Chung Report on Wichita Giving

Recent surveys show that Wichita is less giving than comparable cities. Watch this video and read the report to see how this affects our local community.

Watch and read the story here!

Project Downtown is celebrating 10 years of progress! Center City Academy is also committed to the core! We’re working to make a lasting change in Wichita with a new early child development center in the heart of downtown, but we can’t do it without your help. Help us close the gap to reach our goal of purchasing property by Dec 31st! Donations above $250 may be eligible for 50% REBATE in the form of a tax credit from the State of KS!

Cities want to grow and prosper AND access to affordable, quality childcare is a part of that equation. Please take a few minutes to watch this video from The Chung Report and learn about the term “human capital.” Find out how you can be a part of bringing a new and much needed early child development center to the heart of Wichita.

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Wichita has an undeniable need for quality childcare in the center of our city, and the research is clear on the importance of early childhood development. Let’s solve these problems together and launch Center City Academy!